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PHP - LAMP/WAMP Technologies
The World of Web technology is an intensely competitive world. In such an environment PHP provides a highly cost effective and rapid web application development environment to develop wide range of web applications which includes secure portal development, Ecommerce, and enterprise web application. VSP Innovations is an authorized when it comes to use cutting edge technologies like LAMP and PHP /MYSQL web application development and is in market serving clients and attaining user satisfaction.

It offers exceptional connectivity with most of the available databases such as Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, ODBC and many others, since PHP is an open-source and is available for numerous different computing platforms including Linux, Windows, Sun, IBM and MAC etc it has proven to be the most appropriate web development technology in today's fast-paced world.

Advantages of PHP / My SQL Application Development
  • Being non-proprietary, PHP is one of the most popular web development languages.
  • PHP/MYSQL application is fiercely cost-effective than other languages.
  • Broad Platforms Support PHP and MYSQL platforms including Linux, Embedded Linux, Microsoft Windows, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, IBM, Mac, QNX, Novell Netware etc.
  • Light weighted and an easy to use application development environment.
  • PHP /MYSQL is an open source development environment that makes it very cost effective as well as easy to upgrade.
  • PHP can help in all kinds of web application developments ranging from enterprise web application, Highly secured web application, ecommerce solutions, corporate website, payment gateway, shopping cart, CRM, ERP solution and web portal.
  • PHP entails low maintenance and development cost.

Our ASP and .NET developers team have good expertise in developing dynamic and scalable web applications based on .NET Platform and SQL Server 2005. NET 3.0 is a Microsoft programming framework which allows fast development speed and productivity and supports creation of high load and performance business applications that run on windows environment.

ASP.NET Development Technologies @ VSP Innovations
  • We use the latest .NET 3.0 framework of Microsoft technologies.
  • SQL Server 2005 is used as the back-end for the ASP.NET based web applications.
  • Appropriate use of AJAX technology for better user experience.
  • ASP.NET applications oriented for Web Services and XML.
  • Platform migration of ASP based Web Application to ASP.NET environment.

Key Features of .NET Framework
  • ASP.NET is an object oriented language that fastens development.
  • Compiled code and caching offers better user accessibility.
  • Automatically recovers from memory leaks, errors and makes sure that the site is available to the visitors.
  • Supports Multiple Programming languages that allow Programmers to code in many .Net languages.

VSP Innovations ensure that you are dealing with some of the best talented team of.NET development, who believe in developing rich internet applications to ensure that you get the best. Please get in touch with one of our sales representative to help you assist further.

One method that provides you the opportunity to put dynamic content on the web page without the need to refresh is the method of AJAX. The expansion of the acronym stands for Asynchronous Java Script and XML that defines the very constitution and functionalities of the software which can be easily understood.

It utilizes the JavaScript, XML, and DHTML in the HTTP browser and allows the construction of dynamic content on the webpage. AJAX is the software that allows interaction as well as the responsiveness from the desktop that any user would expect. This has a great and a profitable impact on the productivity of the end user, increases the efficiency of the work flow, as well as strengthens the load that is placed on the server that hosts the applications.

  • It significantly reduces the time that is spent waiting for data to be transmitted.
  • Quick and efficient way to complete a particular task.
  • Reduces the bandwidth consumed for the tasks that significantly lowers the cost structure.
  • It reduces the number of steps that are required which inturn reduces the cost structure as well as leaves a little margin of error.
  • It provides a familiar UI that helps in reducing the training costs to increase the productivity.
  • Increased application responsiveness leads to a better workflow and that helps in augmenting the workflow.

MYSQL Database Programming
MySQL is a database where the information is stored in database objects called tables. The information is stored in entities called tables contains rows and columns. This is what defines a database and to be specific the MYSQL database. What makes the MYSQL database standout amongst the crowd is platform independent, particularly with PHP.

MYSQL can be very easily scaled down and made to support the embedded applications. On the other hand it is the first choice when it comes to the selection of databases that have to support the massive volumes of data along with end users. We at VSP Innovations realize this and thus have a team of professionals that are well versed with the working and methodologies of the MySQL database.

VSP Innovations realizes the prominent advantages of working with the MySQL database. Some of them include :
  • Ease of use.
  • Cost effective and can be easily downloaded.
  • It provides maximum security among all the relational databases.
  • It is robust and cross platform functionality.
  • It works at an incredible speed.
  • Scalability and performance is one of its finest and business friendly quality.
  • It has the capability to manage memory efficiently.
  • User friendly with development interfaces including Linux, UNIX, and windows.
" Trust the best to work with and on the best. "


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